Fisheries Management

Fish Stocking

Fisheries management is a topic at the top of many pond/lake owners’ lists. Proper fisheries management is essential to maintaining a healthy ecosystem within a pond or lake. Our fisheries biologist designs custom programs for clients based on their management objectives. Whether you want to grow trophy bass for sport fishing or simply maintain a healthy fish population for overall pond/lake health and recreational fishing, we base our management plans on proven science to achieve your desired outcome.

Triangle Pond Management is happy to provide our clients with sterile grass carp to help manage nuisance aquatic vegetation within their ponds and lakes. These carp cannot reproduce, thus they are able to feed on weeds without you having to be concerned about their population overtaking your lake or pond. Acting as a natural controller of aquatic weeds in lakes and ponds, they provide an alternative to other methods of vegetation management.

Whether you’re searching for Trophy Bass management, vegetation control, or everyday good fishing, Triangle Pond Management can provide the right fish for you. We provide safe transportation to your pond in our oxygenated hauling tanks. And, for existing ponds, we provide recommendations and a detailed plan on how to best maintain your NC-area fishery to get the results you desire.

We Expertly Stock the Following Fish (based on a one-acre sized pond):
Type Species #Fish/Acre Supplemental Stocking #Fish/Acre New Pond
Game Fish Largemouth Bass 25 100
Game Fish Channel Catfish 25 100
Feeder/Game Fish Bluegill 500 800
Feeder Fish Shellcracker/Redear Sunfish 100 200
Feeder Fish Fathead Minnows 10 lb. 20 lb.
Biological Control Grass Carp 0-3/year as needed 10
Feeder Fish Crayfish 10 lb.  20 lb.
Fish Feeders and Fish Food in the Raleigh, Durham & Greensboro Areas

Keeping your fish population well fed will allow your new fish to grow quickly and thrive in their new environment. We sell high-protein fish food and automatic fish feeders that will do the work for you, leaving you more time to spend with a rod and reel in your hand. Visit our retail store in Raleigh, NC to browse our full selection of fish food and fish feeders available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Start-to-Finish Trophy Bass Management

Our experienced team of fishery biologists takes new or already established bass fisheries and transforms them into trophy bass paradises using integrated management techniques. Combining water chemistry tracking, the inclusion of correct forage, stocking ratios, removal of excess and stunted game fish, and a wide variety of enhancement options, we can accomplish whatever your bass goals are. This service includes full lake profiles, recommendations on exact location and placement of habitats, fish feeders with high-protein quality fish food, aeration needs, fish monitoring, and tracking with specimen tagging. Each bass project is approached as if it were our own private fishery. We have completed numerous projects that resulted in the production of perfectly healthy trophy bass ranging from 8-12 pounds in size. Each bass project is personally managed by our lead fish biologist, who has a passion for trophy bass management.

From largemouth bass and catfish to minnows, Triangle Pond Management is a trusted source for fish stocking and management services in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, and Morrisville, NC areas. Contact us today and let us help you catch the “Big One!”