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Nuisance Vegetation Treatment at Hillridge Farms

Triangle Pond Management recently performed a nuisance vegetation treatment at Hillridge Farms. We treated duckweed and azolla which can be very invasive and take over a water body if left unchecked. With thousands of visitors coming through, we definitely want to keep their ponds clean and aesthetically pleasing. At Triangle Pond Management, we specialize in treating aquatic vegetation safely and effectively. Contact us today for help keeping your water clean and clear. Continue reading Nuisance Vegetation Treatment at Hillridge Farms

Get your Fall Crops In Before the Hunting Season Begins

Food PlotSoon the hunters and wildlife enthusiasts will be taking to the woods. Dove season will be here before we know it, and right after that, early bow season will start for the white-tailed deer. Now is the time to get your fall crops in if you haven’t already.

We are currently offering a variety of planting services as well as seed for sale. Forage oats are high in sugar and protein and attract a variety of wildlife including white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Oats provide great cool season forage throughout hunting season. We like to combine forage oats with inoculated winter peas to help provide a variety of forage. The peas add nitrogen to the soil complimenting the growth of your oats. We also have a variety of clovers available for fall planting.

We still have duck boxes available made from 100% cypress wood for $65. Each time a bird nests in one, she will lay between 10-14 eggs per clutch greatly increasing the number of birds on your property. For an additional $25.00, we offer predator guards to help keep the nest from being disturbed by predators. Installation is available upon request.

Contact us today if you would like to take advantage of any of our pre-hunting opportunities.

Stocking Fish in Your Pond – We’re Here to Help

Fishi stock

Stocking your pond correctly can be one of the toughest aspects of owning a pond. With so
many fish species to choose from, it’s easy to make unsuitable decisions when deciding what to stock. Ensuring your body of water contains a diverse population of fish is an integral part of creating an environmentally balanced aquatic ecosystem. It is also important to consider your overall lake and pond management goals as well as which species will provide appropriate benefits to your pond or lake.

Our fisheries biologists at Triangle Pond Management can provide you with recommendations to stock your lake or pond with the correct species combinations,  quantities, and sizes necessary to meet your fishery goals as quickly as possible. We keep these goals and your budget in mind when creating individual fish stocking plans to best utilize your time and resources. Continue reading Stocking Fish in Your Pond – We’re Here to Help

Triangle Pond Managements Kids’ Fishing Rodeo Was a Hit

The Dixie Deer Classic was held this past weekend and we want to thank all those who came out to the NC State Fairgrounds for the show. We were blessed with the opportunity to host the Kids’ Fishing Rodeo and ended up having over 750 kids participate in the fishing. Many of these kids were able to catch their very first fish and all left with a smile. We will be reaching out to those that left contact information at our booth and hope we can help you fulfill any of your pond management needs.

Successful Fishing Rodeo

Triangle Pond Management Hosts Kids’ Fishing Rodeo at the 2019 Dixie Deer Classic

Kids Fish Rodeo at Dixie Deer Classic

Triangle Pond Management will be hosting a Kid’s Fishing Rodeo at the 2019 Dixie Deer Classic. We will be setting up a pond stocked with catfish, bluegill and bass for kids to catch all weekend long. All children participating in the Kid’s Fishing Rodeo will receive a prize. Continue reading Triangle Pond Management Hosts Kids’ Fishing Rodeo at the 2019 Dixie Deer Classic

Triangle Pond Management Exhibiting at the 2019 Southern Farm Show

Come see Triangle Pond Management at our booth at the Southern Farm Show Wednesday, January 30th through Friday, February 1st from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. The show is located at the NC State Fairgrounds and admission is free. The show exhibits a variety of agriculture and land management services. Bring the family and come talk to us about our wildlife management services, fisheries management, fish stocking, and general pond management/stormwater services.

Lime Your Pond This Winter to Improve Water Quality

This winter is a great time to add lime to your lake or pond. Water in ponds reflects the quality of the soils in which they are located. Most ponds in the southeast region have low levels of total alkalinity, total hardness, and low pH values. Having poor water quality in a fish pond means the overall fish production is slowed. Liming is an important method for correcting many of these water quality issues, as well as helping to improve fish productivity.Pond Liming Continue reading Lime Your Pond This Winter to Improve Water Quality

Mineral Supplementation for Healthy Whitetails

With the deer season in North Carolina coming to a close, and spring around the corner, prudent hunters and landowners are reflecting on their season and how to improve their deer hunting success in the following year. Whether the goal is larger antlers or a healthier overall herd, mineral supplementation through the winter months into the spring can have a positive effect on your deer.
Triangle Pond Management carries Trophy Rock all natural mineral licks. These products contain the trace minerals needed by bucks growing new antlers. Does producing fawns will also benefit from mineral supplementation for gestation and lactation. Contact Triangle Pond Management today for your mineral supplement needs.

Mineral Salt Licks

Fall is Here, Winter is Coming!

Fall Cleanouts

  • With fall arriving, fall clean outs are always a necessity.
  • With the colder temperatures fall becomes one of the safest times of the year to transfer fish.
  • Cleanouts are recommended at least once a year as a preventive.

Fall Cleanouts


Pond Netting & Dome

  • Pond Netting helps insure the safety of your fish from predators.
  • Netting also keeps debris and leaves out which helps the pond stay clean, clear and healthy.
  • With this net you will spend more time enjoying the pond and not fetching leaves and limbs out of it.

Pond Netting and Dome


De-Icer / Aeration

  • With the temperatures rapidly, dropping the de-icers are here to help.
  • The de-icer helps increase oxygen for the safety of fish.
  • When the water freezes over all the gases from decaying material becomes trapped, which can sicken or kill your fish.

De-Icer - Aeration

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult, fill out our online contact form, give us a call at (919) 398-3221 or email our office.