Food Plots

A well planned food plot can add significant value to your hunting experiences on your property. Whether the food plot is for Deer, Dove or Turkey; we have the expertise to create a food plots that not only improves both the quality and size of the animals on your property but also increase your opportunities for harvest.

  • We provide a start-to-finish service for food plots including but not limited to clearing, tilling, discing, planting/seeding and replanting of food plots for year-round production
  • We also offer soil sampling to determine the fertility of the soils as well as pH. Both are important factors when establishing food plots

Wildlife Targeted with Our Food Plot Services (3 images, 1 for Deer, 1 for Turkey, 1 for Dove)

Why Choose Us to Install, Manage and Maintain Your Food Plots?

  • Our team is comprised of Multiple NC State Graduates with Degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife Management (We use Science and Data in our Wildlife Management)
  • We are all active hunters and fisherman. Combining lifetimes of experience in the woods, we know what works, the timing for different crops and the right places to put in food plots
  • We are one of a few distributors for a high sugar content Oat developed by NC State University that is great for use in food plots for Deer and Turkey

Food Plot in Action