Mallard Release Day 2020

The Wildlife Management Team at Triangle Pond recently released nearly one thousand live mallard ducks on various properties of our waterfowl clients around North Carolina.
Birds were delivered and released across the state, from the western foothills all the way to the eastern Carolina coast.
Releasing live ducks is another tool property owners can use as part of an overall management plan to attract more waterfowl. These live decoys swim and call and live in the owner’s existing habitat, which in turn catches the eyes and ears of wild ducks for increased hunting or viewing opportunities. We strongly recommend releasing live ducks on newly constructed or newly obtained areas to start establishing a property as an annual stop on the wild duck’s migration south.
Contact the Biologists on the TPM Wildlife Team for help managing your habitat for waterfowl, construction, riser drains, blinds, and planting services.

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Natures Pond Managers

“Controlling Invasive Non-Beneficial Aquatic Plants with Triploid Grass Carp”

We are near the end of Summer here in good ole NC and the weeds are thriving! I know for myself I could mow my lawn three times a week and then some. This same issue is happening in aquatic ecosystems throughout the southern states and it happens every time during the spring and summer months with the mild winters not helping the problem. If you have a pond on your property you know exactly what I’m talking about? You got it! Hydrilla, Primrose, Parrots Feather, Duckweed and Watermeal just to name a few species. Some of these noxious non-beneficial plants cannot be eradicated without causing damage to the aquatic ecosystem (ie. Harming the beneficial aquatic plants, fish and wildlife) and controlling some of these plant species is a fight from late March to early October. In todays “We want to be clean and green world” how do biologically control invasive plant species that thrive in our aquatic ecosystems? If nature caused it can nature fight it? Let’s look at Triploid Grass Carp…

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The Winds of Change

On March 11, 2020, life as we knew it changed. As individual states and municipalities issued a “Shelter in Place” order across the country, many Americans were forced to work remotely and home school their children via Zoom Meetings and Virtual Classroom. It seemed the only safe place was our homes, yards, and anything outdoors! People turned to their favorite local and state parks until the order was given to close those resources for social distancing. As a result, many of us went back to the ancient practices of sitting on our porches and decks while the kids played in the yard. What do people do when they’re tired of staring at computer screens doing virtual business and school? You turn to your most available resource… your home! Continue reading The Winds of Change

Turf Grass Remediation at Your Stormwater Control Measure

As many of you are aware, municipalities have become increasingly stringent with regard to enforcement of deficient conditions, they will no longer accept at the time of the annual stormwater control measure (SCM) inspection (Formally referred to as BMP). One particular hot button item that is heavily scrutinized by all municipalities is the presence of a stabilizing, hardy perennial vegetative cover in and around the SCM. Unfortunately, many of the annual inspection dates fall at a time of year that is not conducive to the establishment of a perennial (or permanent) vegetative cover from seed. With this being said, vegetative repairs performed during compromising seasons of the year (i.e. summer or winter) require repeat applications indefinitely, leaving the soil unarmored and subject to erosion for a good portion of the year. This results in increased cost burden and liability which most property owners and managers would prefer to eliminate. Continue reading Turf Grass Remediation at Your Stormwater Control Measure

Allow Us to Beautify Your Pond With a Water Garden

Water Garden 2
During this time of staying home, it is more important than ever that we enjoy our outdoor spaces. At Triangle Pond Management, we not only create and maintain ponds, but we help beautify them as well. Our pond landscaping professionals have years of experience creating outdoor gardens that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also easy to maintain.

Our design experience now conforms to all CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We teleconference, use email to show rendered drawings, and will always maintain a minimum of six feet apart during any limited interactions with our homeowners. Allow us to beautify your pond with an outdoor garden! Fill out our online contact form or call (919) 398-3221 for a free estimate today!

Our Very Own Cody Shuffler Featured in NC Wildlife Magazine

Cody Shuffler
NC Wildlife Fishing GuideWe are proud to announce our very own Cody Shuffler was featured in an article in the 2020 Spring Fishing and Boating Guide published by Wildlife of NC! Cody is our Fisheries Division Manager and a graduate of the Fisheries and Wildlife Biology Department at N.C. State. The article also features quotes from Chuck Ward, affectionately known as Capt’n Chuck around here, our Vice President of Operations and Lead Biologist.

As we trust you are all practicing social distancing, it is more important than ever to spend time outdoors enjoying your pond. Our experts will make sure your pond and ecosystem have the right combination for aquatic health and enjoyment while following CDC precautions to ensure the safety of your family. Our goal is to keep your pond beautiful and healthy for many years of enjoyment.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will help you find the pond maintenance service that best suits the needs of your pond. We look forward to serving you!

Join Us at the Dixie Deer Classic this Weekend at the Fairgrounds

Dixie Deer Classic 2020We are proud to once again be a part of the annual Dixie Deer Classic held at the NC State Fairgrounds from February 28th-March 1st. 

Our Kid’s Fishing Rodeo is returning for another year of kids catching fish all weekend long. Our onsite pond is stocked with fish including an albino catfish and a large Crappie! All children that participate will receive a prize, but if you catch the albino catfish or large Crappie, you receive a Triangle Pond Management fishing lure and a squishy fish! Continue reading Join Us at the Dixie Deer Classic this Weekend at the Fairgrounds

Nuisance Vegetation Treatment at Hillridge Farms

Triangle Pond Management recently performed a nuisance vegetation treatment at Hillridge Farms. We treated duckweed and azolla which can be very invasive and take over a water body if left unchecked. With thousands of visitors coming through, we definitely want to keep their ponds clean and aesthetically pleasing. At Triangle Pond Management, we specialize in treating aquatic vegetation safely and effectively. Contact us today for help keeping your water clean and clear. Continue reading Nuisance Vegetation Treatment at Hillridge Farms

Get your Fall Crops In Before the Hunting Season Begins

Food PlotSoon the hunters and wildlife enthusiasts will be taking to the woods. Dove season will be here before we know it, and right after that, early bow season will start for the white-tailed deer. Now is the time to get your fall crops in if you haven’t already.

We are currently offering a variety of planting services as well as seed for sale. Forage oats are high in sugar and protein and attract a variety of wildlife including white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Oats provide great cool season forage throughout hunting season. We like to combine forage oats with inoculated winter peas to help provide a variety of forage. The peas add nitrogen to the soil complimenting the growth of your oats. We also have a variety of clovers available for fall planting.

We still have duck boxes available made from 100% cypress wood for $65. Each time a bird nests in one, she will lay between 10-14 eggs per clutch greatly increasing the number of birds on your property. For an additional $25.00, we offer predator guards to help keep the nest from being disturbed by predators. Installation is available upon request.

Contact us today if you would like to take advantage of any of our pre-hunting opportunities.