Fall is Here, Winter is Coming!

Fall Cleanouts

  • With fall arriving, fall clean outs are always a necessity.
  • With the colder temperatures fall becomes one of the safest times of the year to transfer fish.
  • Cleanouts are recommended at least once a year as a preventive.

Fall Cleanouts


Pond Netting & Dome

  • Pond Netting helps insure the safety of your fish from predators.
  • Netting also keeps debris and leaves out which helps the pond stay clean, clear and healthy.
  • With this net you will spend more time enjoying the pond and not fetching leaves and limbs out of it.

Pond Netting and Dome


De-Icer / Aeration

  • With the temperatures rapidly, dropping the de-icers are here to help.
  • The de-icer helps increase oxygen for the safety of fish.
  • When the water freezes over all the gases from decaying material becomes trapped, which can sicken or kill your fish.

De-Icer - Aeration

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We Recently Released Live Mallards in a Duck Impoundment

Triangle Pond Management Wildlife Services recently released live mallards in in a duck impoundment they are managing. Live birds in a newly established food source help attract and hold wild birds to your property. At Triangle Pond, we specialize in aquatic plantings that complement waterfowl. We include perennial aquatic plants in our management plans because they reestablish year after year, and if maintained properly, can be very cost effective (rather than planting year after year EX: corn). If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about our waterfowl management services including construction and management, contact us today for more information.

We are a Full-Service Pond Installation and Management and Wildlife Services Company

Triangle Pond Management is a full service pond and lake management company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Our experts can handle any and all of your aquatic needs, including: maintenance and repair, aquatic vegetation control, fountain and aeration installation, pier or dock installation, as well as our Fisheries and Wildlife services. With spring coming up fast, now is the perfect time to make improvements to your property.

Pond Management Company Truck Continue reading We are a Full-Service Pond Installation and Management and Wildlife Services Company

Winter Property Improvements For Better Deer Hunting Next Season

Deer season is over, and most hunters put away their rifle to chase waterfowl or look forward to the spring turkey season. Even though it’s winter, there are still many opportunities for Triangle Pond Management’s Wildlife Management Division to help you make improvements on your property for better deer hunting next fall. Want a shooting lane cleared, a path cut in, or a food plot installed in an overgrown area? With deer season over, winter is a great time for our Forestry Mulching equipment to go to work for you to achieve your goals. Continue reading Winter Property Improvements For Better Deer Hunting Next Season

Supplement Your Fish Population with Automatic Feeders

Maintaining a healthy fish population is one objective that most pond owners have in common. A great way to strengthen your forage base and create a balanced fish population is through supplemental feeding. Including an automatic fish feeder into your pond management approach will provide a secondary food source to grow your forage fish and will increase their survival and reproduction success. As bait productivity improves and a self-sustaining forage base is established, the pond’s fish population will become more balanced and the entire ecosystem will benefit.

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It’s Time for Fall Cleanouts!

It’s about time for those fall cleanouts with the season approaching and those leaves swooping down into your beautiful water features. No need to worry, Triangle Pond Management has all the tools and knowledge to keep your water garden looking pristine.

During this time of the year preventive maintenance is the best maintenance, such as adding a net before leaves or branches take over the pond. With the lower temperatures, fall becomes a safer environment to remove fish and reintroduce them to the pond once the cleanout is completed.

A full cleanout normally consists of:

  • Draining
  • Removal of Leaf Debris
  • Power Washing Rocks
  • Thinning and Re-potting of Plants
  • Cleaning of Filters
  • Netting and PVC Dome Installations (which will last for many years to come)
  • Much More

After the clean out is complete, and your water feature is in optimal condition. The best way to keep your water feature as flawless as when we left, is to join one of our maintenance programs. We offer Bi- weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your fall cleanout or the best route to take to prevent a pond full of dead leaves and debris. Don’t hesitate to come by our pond supply store; we’re open Monday-Friday 9-4:30.


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