Aeration Combats Nitrogen Levels in Your NC Pond

As we move into fall, it is important to think about the health of our pond’s water. Aeration is a great way to ensure any water feature stays healthy. As leaves fall into the water and plants die back, nitrogen levels will increase. One of the best combatants for nitrogen is aeration.

Fountains provide an aesthetically appealing feature and can improve the look of any water garden or pond. This method is not the best for improving the dissolved oxygen level, but does provide some improvement. The best method for improving dissolved oxygen is to have diffused aeration (bottom up aerators). This system churns the water at the bottom of the ponds bringing it up to the surface allowing oxygen to be absorbed. This is also good for any fish as this will provide more usable water for them and could also prevent any fish kills. Bottom up aeration can also double as a de-icer because it breaks up the surface of the pond making it is more difficult for ice to form.

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