Supplement Your Fish Population with Automatic Feeders

Maintaining a healthy fish population is one objective that most pond owners have in common. A great way to strengthen your forage base and create a balanced fish population is through supplemental feeding. Including an automatic fish feeder into your pond management approach will provide a secondary food source to grow your forage fish and will increase their survival and reproduction success. As bait productivity improves and a self-sustaining forage base is established, the pond’s fish population will become more balanced and the entire ecosystem will benefit.

   When it comes to growing fish, investing in an automatic feeder is one of the most cost-effective fisheries management tools available. Feeders can save pond owners a great deal of money since fish feed is less expensive than stocking forage and has a faster growth conversion rate compared to stocking. The fish feed used in automatic feeders comes in a pellet form and is engineered to provide fish with important nutrients they do not receive in their normal diet. Two pounds of high quality pellet fish feed converts to one pound of fish growth, allowing predator fish species to put on several pounds of weight in one season.

Automatic feeders are not only beneficial in boosting the fish community, they create productive fishing locations and give you the ability to observe fish up close. The reliable food source attracts fish to the area and makes fishing fun for children or family members. Along with attracting fish, automatic feeders allow you to monitor fish health and growth while increasing the number of fish your pond can support.

If you are looking to improve the health and overall balance of your fish population, an automatic feeder is a tool you should consider. Triangle Pond Management offers a wide range of fish feeders that can be installed on a dock, along the shoreline, or even on a float in the middle of your pond. Our feeders are solar powered, require very little maintenance, and last a lifetime. Please contact our office if you have any questions about our fish feeders or would like to know if supplemental feeding is right for your pond.