Channel Restoration Project To Solve Stormwater And Erosion Issues

This client had a major case of erosion behind their home often caused by stormwater runoff. Any significant storm event would continue washing away the area just behind their patio. In situations like this, if you can’t redirect the flow of water away from the affected area, you can armor the area. For this client, it made more sense to re-establish the grade of the area and armor with riprap stone.

To start, the excess debris in the work area had to be removed by hand and with a machine. Then the slope leading down to the channel was regraded to allow for a gentle slope instead of a shear edge. This helps the stone to stay lodged when it is placed. After the area was graded, a woven geotextile is installed to separate water and the material from the newly graded ground. The final step was to install riprap stone anywhere the geotextile fabric was installed.

Now the area is completely armored and ready for the next rainfall or storm event. Instead of flowing water directly impacting the slope it will be dissipated by the installed stone. This repair is more permanent, in nature, than establishing turf or live stakes in this application. The stone will never go away whereas turf or trees could die overtime leading back to erosion again.

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