Comprehensive Pond Analysis and Fountain Installation

Ornamental FountainA new client contacted us wanting to get some help with their new pond. They wanted to know the overall health of the pond and the water quality. Read on to learn how we got them started on the path to a healthier pond for the fish and wildlife.

We visited the site and performed water panel and dissolved oxygen tests to determine the overall water chemistry of the pond. All the levels were good for a pond of its age and location. We did a fish and plant survey to get an idea of the varieties and coverage of the beneficial and undesirable plants. With this information, we were able to get a treatment plan together in order to help mitigate the unwanted vegetation and help the beneficial plants thrive in the pond.

The client also wanted a specific fountain. They wanted the exact fountain that is the lake at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Raleigh. Little did the client know that our company installed the fountains at the Umstead and thus, we were able to get them the exact same one for their pond.

The client was ecstatic when we arrived and installed the fountain into their pond and got it turned on. Now with a better knowledge of their pond’s health and a fountain they love, they are sure to enjoy spending more time around their pond with friends and family.

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