Debris Removal from Primary Spillway

One of our clients recently contacted us to remove a large amount of debris that had accumulated in front of the primary spillway at one of their ponds. By the time they called us, the built-up debris had raised the elevation of the pond by 8″ – 10″ causing it to back up into the residents’ yards.

Along with being an issue with the residents’ yards around the pond, the increased elevation also posed an issue with how the spillway functions to control the “normal pool” level of the water. The debris was comprised of floating vegetation mats that had broken free and collected at the spillway. Also, beavers cutting trees and shrubs down around the pond led to a large accumulation of woody sticks and logs that drifted to the spillway and came to rest.

We successfully removed the debris from the spillway and now the pond is returning to the normal elevation and functioning as intended. This repair could have been mitigated by having a routine maintenance service performed on a regular basis. Among other things, during routine maintenance checks, we monitor and keep vegetation growing around the pond under control before it becomes an issue. We also monitor and make notes of beaver and muskrat activity in order to make recommendations on their removal.

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