Employee Spotlight: Meg Parrish, Compliance Specialist


Employee Spotlight: Meg Parrish, Compliance Specialist

MegMeg Parrish graduated from NC State’s Environmental Science program in 2019 and joined the Triangle Pond team in February 2020. She worked hard in the field as an aquatic maintenance technician before being promoted to the newly-created position of Compliance Specialist.

Here at Triangle Pond Management, we are always looking for new ways to provide valuable support and service to all our customers. Most recently, we initiated an in-house “Pre-Inspection” program free of charge. The Compliance Specialist spearheads this effort, tracking the inspection dates of each of our accounts and acting as a liaison between our Stormwater Divisions and the contracted Engineers to ensure that we go above and beyond to fulfill our role in the inspection process. As the Compliance Specialist, Meg will visit your site 30-60 days before the scheduled Annual Inspection and complete a comprehensive report for you.

The Comprehensive Report Will Include:

  1. Any maintenance issues present that our technicians need to address during our regular visit prior to the annual inspection (this may include items such as an algae bloom, misplaced riprap, areas of overgrown vegetation, etc.)
  2. Concerns that the Engineer could point to as requiring repairs in order to pass inspection. There is a good deal of subjectivity when it comes to identifying deficiencies in an annual inspection, but we will do our best to anticipate structural issues that the Engineer may call out on their report.

After receiving your Pre-Inspection Report, you can contact our Repairs Division for a proposal to fix any of the noted deficiencies prior to your Annual Inspection.