Erosion Control

Aerial View

Erosion control is an important factor when working on active construction sites. Erosion can occur when soils are not stabilized or when they are disturbed through active construction. This can cause issues within the immediate area as well as downstream from the construction site. The methods to control and prevent erosion we utilized on this construction site included temporary erosion control fencing and installation of Bermuda sod once the work was completed.

The stormwater control measure (SCM) at this location in Raleigh, North Carolina needed some major repairs because the device would not hold water properly. This put the device in a state of non-compliance. Because of the machinery being used on the site to do the work and the nature of the work, we installed temporary erosion control fencing around the active work area to limit disturbance outside of the immediate area. The orange fencing seen in the photos is dug into the ground and prevents active erosion outside of the area.

With the erosion control fencing in place, the work completed consisted of removing sediment and other material from the basin bottom and restoring the bottom and pools to the designed plan. Once this material was removed, the disturbance around the pond from the machines and workers was stabilized with Bermuda sod. Sodding is a great way to stabilize a job site with instant gratification once it is rooted.

Triangle Pond Management excels at stabilizing bare areas and establishing turfgrass to prevent issues caused by active erosion. While we can stabilize areas quickly to prevent further damage from occurring, we like to focus on long-term approaches that will keep areas stabilized for years to come. If you are experiencing erosion control issues, or if you have received an inspection report asking for areas to be stabilized or remediated, we can help. Give us a call today at (919) 398-3221 or reach out via email at