Fall is Here, Winter is Coming!

Fall Cleanouts

  • With fall arriving, fall clean outs are always a necessity.
  • With the colder temperatures fall becomes one of the safest times of the year to transfer fish.
  • Cleanouts are recommended at least once a year as a preventive.

Fall Cleanouts


Pond Netting & Dome

  • Pond Netting helps insure the safety of your fish from predators.
  • Netting also keeps debris and leaves out which helps the pond stay clean, clear and healthy.
  • With this net you will spend more time enjoying the pond and not fetching leaves and limbs out of it.

Pond Netting and Dome


De-Icer / Aeration

  • With the temperatures rapidly, dropping the de-icers are here to help.
  • The de-icer helps increase oxygen for the safety of fish.
  • When the water freezes over all the gases from decaying material becomes trapped, which can sicken or kill your fish.

De-Icer - Aeration

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