Flared End Section (FES) Repair Cary North Carolina

Our team recently repaired a pipe separation at the inlet pipe to a community stormwater pond. Repairs like these are common when the ground around an inlet pipe settles. Over time the flared end section (FES) of the pipe pulls away or separates from the other pieces of pipe. When this happens stormwater no longer discharges properly across the FES and into the inlet dissipater. Left unchecked separations like this can create erosion issues such as sinkholes, erosion rills, and undercutting of the dissipater. This will eventually lead to sediment deposits in the pond that will have to be removed later.

We pull the FES away from the piping to repair these separations and reestablish grade. The area is tightly compacted to discourage future settling. Then, if possible, the FES is reused or replaced. In this case, we reused the existing FES saving the client some cost in the project. The seal where the two pipes meet is sealed with a product called ConSeal. This seals the inside of the pipe and prevents water from bypassing out and around the pipe. To go the extra mile on this project we also poured a concrete collar around the pipe for extra sealing effect and to further stabilize the repair.

At the completion of the project the work area is stabilized with pine straw to prevent any erosion around the pipe and the dissipater is re-established. Now the pipe will convey water properly to the pond as intended with no issues.
Repairs like these are common in community ponds and stormwater control measures. Regular inspections can help catch repair issues before they become bigger issues and more expensive to fix. If you have questions about repairs or would like regular maintenance on your pond or stormwater device please reach out today for a consultation.

Our stormwater control measure NC team is experienced and equipped to handle all your stormwater needs. Contact us today for more information or assistance!