Flared End Section Replacement

A common issue that we see in the field is erosion caused by settling flared end sections (FES’s) at the outlets or inlets to stormwater systems. These sections of concrete pipe are very heavy and over time tend to settle or displace as the foundation underneath them fails to support the pipe. In some cases, the settling causes the two sections of pipe to separate, and stormwater flows out and underneath the FES, which causes erosion and dissipator blowouts.

Our repairs team is very efficient at fixing these issues when they occur. First, the FES is removed from the rest of the pipe so that the foundation can be repaired and compacted. This typically includes removing any unsuitable material and bringing in new compactable material to reestablish grade. The dissipater is refreshed at this time, as well. Once the grade has been reestablished and the area is well compacted to ensure a solid foundation, the FES is reconnected to the existing pipe and the connection is sealed. Finally, the area around the repair area is stabilized. In this case, seed and straw matting were used to establish turf coverage. Now, stormwater will flow through the pipe as intended, instead of around the pipe, creating issues.

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