Food Plot Preparation for the 2017 Hunting Season

Food Plots

It’s the time of year right now to get your crops in if you haven’t already. Soon the hunters and wildlife enthusiasts will be taking to the woods. Dove season will be on us soon, and right after that, early bow season will start for the white-tailed deer. We are currently offering a few specials to help kick off hunting season.

Forage oats are high in sugar and protein and attract a variety of wildlife including white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Oat plots provide great winter forage. The normal price of forage oats is $35.00 per 45 lb. bag, but with our current promotion of 10% off, they are $31.50 per bag. Keep in mind that each acre of land will need two bags.

We like to combine forage oats with inoculated winter peas to help provide a variety of forage. The peas add nitrogen to the soil complimenting the growth of your oats. We are running a special of 15% off the normal price of inoculated winter peas bringing the 45 lb. bag from $54.00 down to $45.90. Visit our Seed Sales page for more information.Food Plot Seeds and Duck BoxesWe are now selling duck boxes made from 100% cypress wood for $60. Each time a bird nests in one, she will lay between 10-14 eggs per clutch greatly increasing the number of birds on your property. For an additional $25.00, we offer predator guards to help keep the nest from being disturbed by predators. Installation is available upon request.

Contact us today if you would like to take advantage of any of our pre-hunting season specials.