Fountain Diagnosis and Repair

Fountain running after repairs

We were contacted by a customer/HOA whose fountain had stopped working. They requested us to schedule a diagnostic check to determine the issue with the fountain not working.

During the fountain diagnostic visit, we determined that the motor had failed and would need to be replaced. We also checked the motor and light power cords for any potential issues due to their age. From the readings we took, we were able to determine that there was a leak to the ground issue. This means that there is an indication that a wire/wires are coming into direct contact with the water causing the GFCI breaker in the control panel to trip. This shuts off the power going to the motor/lights and stops the flow of electricity, preventing any possibility of electrical shock danger. Due to the age of the unit (approximately 10 years old), we found several electrical components had failed or were on the verge of failure.

We replaced the motor, motor power cord, and motor control breaker and upgraded the lights to energy-efficient LED lights and a new power cord for them as well. After all the components were received from the manufacturer we installed them and were able to get the fountain back up and running.

Please contact our office if you need a diagnostic visit for your fountain. We are happy to determine if there are parts in need of repair or replacement to ensure your fountain is working properly and safely.