Fountain Maintenance and Why It Is Important

Olympus Nozzle CleanWhen you have a fountain in a pond, no matter if it is there for aesthetics or aeration and circulation, it is important to have a maintenance schedule for cleaning and upkeep. Without regular maintenance, the fountain float can start to grow algae that can be unsightly and a nuisance. The same algae can grow over the lights on the fountain making them appear as though they are not working. Also, algae can hide issues such as cracks or missing parts that keep the fountain functioning properly and afloat.

Alternatively, the fountain float might be clean but don’t forget to keep the motor and suction screen cleaned. If the motor intake or suction screen becomes clogged with debris, such as leaves, plants, and even plastic bags, the motor can be deprived of the needed water to keep it functioning properly. Fountains use the water from the pond/lake they are in to help keep the motors cooled down and prevent them from overheating. If they are left to run long periods without adequate water, they can overheat to the point where they fail and become a costly repair or replacement. Some fountain manufacturers will not honor their warranties if the fountain is not maintained on a regular schedule.

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