We Aerated Lake Benson for the City of Raleigh

Recently, the City of Raleigh asked us to do aeration for Lake Benson. We were able to provide efficient aeration for the 8.5 acre portion of the lake surrounding the water treatment plant with 16 diffusers and a custom stainless steel manifold unlike any other system installed in NC.

Aeration is important for your lake or pond because it:

  • increases the dissolved oxygen content of the water throughout the pond / lake
  • reduces algae and saves money by reducing treatments
  • enhances water quality by stabilizing pH, reducing alkalinity, and removing carbon dioxide
  • reduces Phosphorus (P) concentrations in ponds
  • is aesthetically pleasing
  • increases aquatic habitat such as beneficial plants and fish

The diffusers  we used for Lake Benson were quad-membrane with approximately 8,000 linear feet of underwater, weighted, tubing. Most of the time, companies use pre-manufactured pieces and parts. For this job, we constructed this stainless steel manifold on site with custom welding and construction designed specifically for this project.

Aeration Lake Benson

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