Autumn Leaves Causing Problems In Your Water Garden or Koi Pond?

Net With AngleDo you have issues with leaves getting into your koi pond?  Nets can be a quick and inexpensive solution and may reduce maintenance on your koi pond or water garden over time.  Nets can be stored and only used in the fall when the leaves are turning color and falling.  Or they can be used year-round to reduce the amount of debris that falls into your pond.  An added benefit is that a properly installed net can deter predators such as herons and other birds from getting to your fish.

There are several ways to install a debris net over your pond.  They can be installed flat across the pond by stretching the length of the net out over the pond and using edge rocks to hold the net tight and in place. This method is fast and easy but if debris is not cleared from the top, often the net can be overweighed and can begin to sag over time.  Another way is to install your net using a flexible PVC.  You can craft a dome frame structure to attach the net to and this can be placed over the top of the pond.  A final way to install a net over your pond would be to construct a square or rectangle frame from PVC or wood that the net can attach to and this can be placed over the top of the pond.

The goal is to prevent the excess leaf debris in the fall from making its way into the pond. A net, installed with an angle to allow leaves to fall away from the feature, works the best and is our preferred method.  If you have a skimmer, it will filter some of that debris but later in the year the skimmer can be overwhelmed and won’t be able to keep up with falling leaves. Leaves that don’t make it into the skimmer will settle in the pond or can even clog the pump. This can lead to a more expensive cleanout in the spring or a burnt-out pump needing replacement.

If you have questions about netting your pond or would like a member of our team to install one, please contact us today for a free quote!