Lime For Winter Pond Maintenance

Now is the time to add lime to your pond! Lime is an important management tool for pond maintenance in NC since most of our ponds are naturally acidic.

Triangle Pond Management applies a liquid lime-type product called Calcis in our ponds. This product helps create ideal living conditions for aquatic life. You get all the benefits that a traditional lime application gives such asimproving nutrient availability, providing calcium for fish, egg hardening, and enhancing the natural food chain for less product. Five gallons of Calcis yields the same water quality adjustments as 1 ton of traditional agricultural limestone. You get results from this product in days. This delivers a much more cost-effective approach as opposed to lime applications.

Triangle Pond Management provides its clients with expert pond maintenance in NC based on science. For more information on this, click here to read more about the science behind adding lime to ponds.

We offer full management plans for pond maintenance and fish stocking NC, including Trophy Bass Management. If you have concerns or questions about your pond, please contact us today for a consultation. Our expert Fisheries Biologist will help design a maintenance plan that works best for your pond and your management goals.