Lime Your Pond This Winter to Improve Water Quality

This winter is a great time to add lime to your lake or pond. Water in ponds reflects the quality of the soils in which they are located. Most ponds in the southeast region have low levels of total alkalinity, total hardness, and low pH values. Having poor water quality in a fish pond means the overall fish production is slowed. Liming is an important method for correcting many of these water quality issues, as well as helping to improve fish productivity.Pond Liming

Liming can also be incredibly beneficial for ponds suffering from acidic water that is low in pH, which directly affects the availability of nutrients necessary to sustain aquatic organisms. Adding lime helps stabilize the pH of mud on the bottom and increases the phosphorus content, necessary for fish growth and reproduction.

Fall and winter are perfect times to add lime to a pond since it can take several weeks to impact water quality and should not be applied at the same time as pesticides. If you believe you lake or pond is currently in need of liming or if you would like to have your water quality tested please reach out to us at Triangle Pond Management. We have several field biologists that can determine the long-term needs of your aquatic ecosystem and can have your water quality at proper levels before spring fertilization.