Maintenance Client Upgraded With Aeration System

Aeration Enhances EcosystemAt a pond we maintain in Greensboro, North Carolina, the client wanted to add a feature to their pond that would enhance both the aesthetics as well as add the benefits of aeration. We always recommend aeration as a pond enhancement where practical, because of its many benefits to a pond’s ecosystem. Aeration can help oxygenate the water column, reduce algae blooms, remove foul odors, enhance fish habitat, reduce sediment accumulation, and increase water quality.

After listening to the client’s wants and needs, we discussed the available options to achieve their goal. They chose to go with a three-horsepower Select Series 2 Display Aerator from Aqua Control. These are great systems for those that want the added benefits of aeration while achieving the enhanced aesthetic look of a display fountain. This type of system falls between a true display fountain and one that would use bottom diffusers. After the electrical work and trenching were completed, we installed the fountain and got it up and running. This client is more than pleased with the display, as well as the ecological benefits the whole ecosystem will receive from the aeration.

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