Maintenance Site Visit Identifies Warranty Issue

Breaker Electrical PartsWe received a call from a pond maintenance client stating that their fountain was off and they wanted to schedule a site visit to determine the issue. When our fountain manager arrived on site, he found the main problem was the burnt motor contactor but he checked the other components to ensure there were no other issues. At this time, he also found that the GFCI breaker for the lights had been removed and a non-GFCI breaker had been installed. The manufacturer requires a GFCI breaker so this could void the warranty and is also an electrical code issue.

After completing the diagnosis, an email with our findings and an explanation was sent over to the client as well as a proposal for the required repairs. When it comes to dealing with fountains and fountain issues, please feel free to contact us to help resolve any issues. We will make sure the right parts are correctly installed to protect your investment and the overall lifespan of your fountain.