Multi-Step Fountain Repair in Oxford

Fountain repairedA client in Oxford, NC contacted us about having an issue with their fountain not working. After a site visit, we were able to determine that the capacitors were faulty and not working properly. In cases like this, we order and replace the capacitors and fix that issue before we address any other issues.

After the capacitors were replaced, we powered on the fountain and it still did not work. We pulled the fountain to the shoreline and disassembled it to ensure there was no debris around the motor shaft preventing it from turning and spraying water. We found that the motor shaft was seized up and could not be turned at all. We also checked the power cord for any issues and it tested good. We used all the parts that were in good shape from the old motor in order to be as cost-effective as possible for the customer.

We received the new motor, got it mounted back onto the float, then anchored it back into the pond and turned it on. It powered right up and began working perfectly again. The customer is happy to enjoy their view of the pond and fountain again from their house.

Please contact us if you need assistance in getting your fountain back up and running or if you would like for us to install a fountain in your pond.