Need Help Stocking Your Pond With Fish?

Stocking your pond correctly can be one of the toughest aspects of owning a pond. With so many fish species to choose from, it’s easy to make unsuitable decisions when deciding what to stock. Ensuring your body of water contains a diverse population of fish is an integral part of creating an environmentally balanced aquatic ecosystem. It is also important to consider your overall lake and pond management goals as well as which species will provide appropriate benefits to your pond or lake.

Our fisheries management biologists at Triangle Pond Management can provide you with recommendations to stock your lake or pond with the correct species combinations, quantities, and sizes necessary to meet your fishery goals as quickly as possible. We keep these goals and your budget in mind when creating individual fish stocking plans to best utilize your time and resources.

If you have a stocked pond but would like to see an increase in the size of your fish, now is the time to stock supplemental forage fish. Deciding on the right forage species to stock depends on available structure, water temperature and movement, predator species, and future management techniques. Our fisheries biologists at Triangle Pond Management can help you determine what forage species will best suit the pond and incorporate them into the overall vision of growing larger fish.

If you are looking to stock a pond and want excellent fishing for children, we have fish stocking plans available which include fish feeders and artificial fish habitats as well. Many lakes and ponds in our area tend to face the problem of nuisance aquatic vegetation and could benefit significantly from stocking triploid grass carp. These fish act as a biological control agent against unwanted vegetation and can help reduce the headache associated with problematic aquatic weeds.

There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the correct species, sizes, and quantities of fish that should be stocked in your fishery. The size of the pond, your budget, and your timeline will be the main factors in determining the sizes and quantities of the necessary species to get the most out of your fishery. Hopefully, this information helps you be better informed and the decision-making process a little easier when it comes to improving or starting your fishery. If you have any questions about your pond or the factors that go into stocking it, or if you would like to put together a custom stocking plan, feel free to contact us today.