Pond Aerator and Fountain Installation Northeast of Raleigh, NC

Aqua Control Select Series II 23 HP We were contacted by a potential client northeast of Raleigh looking for a floating fountain for their pond in front of their home. After talking to the client about their preferences on the spray pattern and size, we decided to go with an Aqua Control Select Series 2 (SS2™): 3 Horsepower Display Aerator with the Super Lily Nozzle.

We chose this display aerator for the pond because it has an assortment of aesthetically pleasing spray patterns you can choose from. Because we used a display aerator, the fountain will help circulate and aerate the water in the pond. This will help promote a healthier environment/ecosystem throughout the water column in the pond and improve its overall water quality.

The Super Lily Nozzle spray pattern with a 3 horsepower motor will spray the water approximately 14′ in the air and the diameter of the spray pattern will be approximately 36′ wide. With this nozzle and motor size selected the fountain will spray 450 gallons of water per minute.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to help circulate and aerate the water in your pond, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We specialize in pond aerators and fountains and look forward to serving you!