Pond Aerator For Local Animal Care Center

Pond aeratorA local animal care center recently contacted us to install an aerating fountain on their on-site pond used by dogs to cool off, play, and get exercise. After speaking with the owner about exactly what they were looking for, we found a reliable, low-maintenance aerator that would promote a healthier pond by circulating that water and keeping the oxygen level up.

After sending over a couple of options they decided to go with the Bearon Aquatics F1000F aerating fountain. This fountain series comes with a 1 horsepower motor in various power cord lengths. The F1000F will spray water 6′ into the air and then has a diameter of 21′ for the dogs to swim through and enjoy. They will also enjoy the sound of 130 gallons per minute of water spraying out and hitting the water’s surface.

If you are interested in promoting the health of your pond while making it even more enjoyable, contact us today to schedule a consultation, or visit our pond aerators page to learn more.


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