Shoreline Stabilization Project In Morrisville

Shoreline StabilizationWe recently completed a shoreline stabilization project for a client in Morrisville, North Carolina. Over time, the banks along the shoreline of this pond had degraded and eroded. This created steep banks that were not only unattractive but could also lead to further erosion over time.

We see this type of repair on ponds that have steep banks and are not stabilized very well. It can also develop on shorelines that are heavily shaded, with no turf coverage or aquatic plantings to help stabilize the area. In addition, waterfowl, such as geese, contribute to erosion by moving in and out of the pond. The constant travel on the steep banks adds to the problem. There are several methods that you can use to stabilize a steep shoreline or one that has erosion issues. Read on to learn more.  

Wattles – Wattles are materials designed to control erosion, and then backfill the banks to create a more gradual grade. Once this is done the shoreline can be planted with beneficial plants or sodded down to the water line to stabilize the ground cover.

Sediment Socks – Sediment socks store local sediment removed from the site or dredging efforts. These are placed along the shoreline in a similar fashion to the wattles and backfilling. Over time these naturalize and become part of the new shoreline. You can also plant over them and, additionally, you can plant aquatics species in the water to further stabilize the shoreline.

Grading and Installation of Riprap Stone – In this case, we employed grading and installation of rip-rap stone to stabilize the shoreline and bank. First, we graded the steep slopes to make them more gradual. Next, we installed a geotextile separation fabric. Lastly, we installed riprap along the graded areas to stabilize the shoreline. This method is permanent in its design and will typically have a low maintenance cost for the client moving forward. There are no plants to maintain or grasses to keep mowed. Once the riprap and fabric are in place, they are in place for the long haul.

For any pond erosion issues or shoreline stabilization projects that you may have, feel free to contact us at our office for a consultation.