Social Distancing at Its Finest

2020 has for sure been a crazy year! With all of the social distancing and craziness going on in the world people are hitting the outdoors more than ever. Dove season is quickly approaching, and next will be early bow season for the white-tailed deer. Let us help you take your Fall/Winter season to the next level with our Guided Hunting and Fishing Trips.

If you haven’t already, it’s important to make your spot of land a healthy habitat now by getting your fall crops in before it’s too late. In addition to our planting services, we offer a large variety of seeds for sale in our retail store. We recommend a combination of forage oats, inoculated winter peas, and clovers to ensure a variety of forage. If you are looking to increase the number of birds on your property, you can also find duck boxes made from 100% cypress wood available in our retail store. Ask us about the predator guards and installation available for an additional fee.

Learn more about how to best prepare your food plot for the season, contact us today to schedule a guided hunting or fishing trip, or visit our retail store to stock up on your pre-season essentials!