Spring Seed Sales and Food Plots

Spring is here and the Wildlife Team at TPM is gearing up for planting season. We will have a variety of wildlife seed available in our retail store for the spring. Now is the time to get a plan together for wildlife food plots. We are a believer in year-round food plots and starting in April we will be planting virtually nonstop until September. Most of the seed we offer is geared towards attracting and supporting populations of the popular game animals in North Carolina: wild turkey, doves, whitetail deer, and ducks.

Our favorite crop for wild turkey, hands-down, has to be chufa. Chufa is typically planted from April to July. We recommend choosing an area with softer soils since the birds like to scratch up the part of the plant which grows underground, called a nutlet. If softer soils are not an option, chufa can be disked to turn over the soil and expose the desirable nutlet.

For doves, Triangle Pond Management carries peredovik sunflowers and offers a variety of millets, (browntop millet, german millet, and proso millet).  Peredovik sunflowers are typically planted from April to June, while the millets are planted later in the May to August range. Mowing or bush hogging strips in dove fields is recommended to provide more access to seed.

We carry a variety of seeds for whitetail deer; spring mixes, soybeans, cowpeas, and corn all can be planted from April to July. For fall planting (August-October), we carry oats, crimson clover, ladino clover, and winter peas. Seeds offered for ducks include corn and rice. We plant these from April to July here in North Carolina. For a later season planting (August-September), we carry a Japanese Millet.

Triangle Pond Management offers seed sales and food plot planting services year-round. Contact us today to place a seed order or get information on having us plant food plots for you this year.