Triploid Grass Carp for Nuisance Vegetation Control

Triploid grass carp are an effective management tool for lake and pond managers to help control nuisance or unwanted vegetation. Bred to be sterile, these fish are typically stocked at a rate of 10-15 per acre of water to control unwanted vegetation. The actual stocking rate you should use may vary based on the type and amount of vegetation you wish to control.

Grass carp are susceptible to predation from birds and other fish. Stocking larger fish is usually more successful than smaller fish in waters where largemouth bass or other predators are present. Stocking later in the year in August may be successful because a higher density of vegetation may provide adequate cover for the fingerlings to survive. These fish will then be able to control vegetation the following year.

If you have questions regarding nuisance vegetation control in your lake or pond our experts can help. Contact us today for solutions regarding your specific situation. If triploid grass carp are a part of that solution, we can deliver them directly to your lake or pond. Or if you prefer to pick them up, we can have them ready at our retail store in Raleigh NC.