Turfgrass Remediation for Stormwater Control

TurfgrassMany municipalities are becoming increasingly stringent with their regard towards stormwater compliance and the conditions that they will no longer accept at the time of annual inspection. There are many factors that contribute to an SCM/BMP being in a state of compliance. One of the most predominant is the presence of healthy perennial turf coverage in and around the footprint of the SCM/BMP. Many annual inspections will fall in a window during the year (Winter/Summer) that is not conducive to the establishment of this perennial vegetation. In this case, the only way to remain in compliance is to implement costly repairs such as sodding and watering. Or attempting repeated seeding efforts which often do not produce full coverage year after year.

 Early fall is the optimal time of the year to establish the healthy perennial coverage that municipalities are looking for regarding sparse coverage or bare areas around your SCM’s/BMP’s. September 15th to October 15th is the prime time to establish from seed cool-season perennial grasses such as fescue and bluegrass blends. Triangle Pond Management offers full-service turf remediation for the establishment of cool-season grasses. Utilizing specialized mowers we can prep, seed, and stabilize problem areas around any of your stormwater devices. If you have had issues with bare areas or sparse turf coverage noted in past annual inspections now is the time to get ahead of that
remediation. Please contact Triangle Pond Management today for a quote!

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