Before and After Herbicide Treatment

This time of year, vegetation can get out of control in lakes and ponds. Unwanted algae and weeds can quickly grow and overtake an ecosystem in a lake or pond, causing an unsightly mess and also affecting wildlife. Featured below are two kinds of vegetation control options that can be implemented to stay on top of unwanted or nuisance vegetation. The first is using an aquatic approved herbicide. There are several different herbicides that can be applied in different applications. This all depends on what you are treating and different environmental factors. It is important to make sure when you are applying any chemical near water or areas that can runoff into water to follow the label. Herbicides are typically the best choice for treatment. They yield excellent results when applied correctly and are safe for the environment. They are also very cost effective.


Before and After Chemical Removal


The second option is physical removal. This is where we pull out any of the overgrowth and clean up the area. While this can be very effective as well, physical removal is often more costly due to the labor involved in the process. However, for situations where chemical application is not possible or not wanted this can be a great option. In the spillway photos below, you can see how the removal of the weeds restored and improved the proper function of the waterway.

Before and After Physical Removal

If you have nuisance vegetation in your lake or pond, contact us to learn more about these services.