Water Garden Project Gives New Employees Experience

Recently we had the pleasure of building a water garden in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. This was the first water garden build for three of our employees: office manager Joshua Roark, repairs crew field supervisor Logan Green, and our new water garden technician Colby Pittman. Our water garden manager, Andrew Murphy, led the team.

This project provided an exceptional cross-training opportunity and the customer could not have been happier with the finished product. Andrew’s leadership and veteran knowledge helped immensely with the rookie crew. Logan’s exceptional work with the mini excavator made the digging process and boulder-moving a breeze. For Josh, this was an excellent opportunity to see what goes on in the field and learn the tools of the trade to better assist both current and future customers with their aquatic needs.

The water garden build was not without its work-arounds. Early into the dig process we had to move current irrigation lines or they would have been in the middle of the water feature. We used this minor setback to our advantage by trenching and setting both the irrigation line and the hose for the water feature in the same process. The customer could not have been happier with her beautiful new water garden and the outstanding service she received.

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