Winter Water Garden Worries

With winter in full effect, your water garden is going to experience some ice buildup. Nothing to worry about! Keep your pump running constantly to keep the water circulating. This will keep your pond from completely freezing over allowing harmful gases to escape.

If your pond does freeze over, it is very important to NOT break the ice. This will potentially put your fish into shock and possibly kill them. If you are worried that your pump is not strong enough to keep the water flowing, we can offer another solution. Pond heaters and aerators are another great solution in winterizing your water feature. Pond heaters also called deicers will create a small hole in any ice buildup to allow gases to escape. Aerators provide the same benefit by churning the water making it harder for ice to form. Aerators can also be used year-round to promote healthier oxygen levels for your fish.

We carry both pond heaters and aerators in our showroom and even offer to have our technicians come and install either option at your convenience. Come by and see us!