Seed Sales

We carry an awesome selection of seeds for your food plots that includes but is not limited to: Deer, Turkey, Dove and Waterfowl. Our retail store is located at 3713 Overlook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616. We’re happy to offer advice or guidance on seed selection and what makes the most sense for your property and targeted wildlife.

  • Deer – Magic Carpet, Roundup Ready Soybeans, Cowpeas, Honey Hole Premium, Aeschynomene and Alyce Clover Inoculated
  • Turkey – Chufa
  • Dove – Peredovik Sunflowers, German Foxtail Millet, Brown Top Millet, Sorghum
  • Waterfowl – Japanese Millet, Rice, Dwarf Corn

In addition to seeds, our retail location has anything and everything needed for ponds. We also carry trail cams, wood duck boxes and much more. Stop in and see our selection of products and ask our expert staff any questions you may have.