Littoral Shelf Plantings

Littoral Shelf Plantings and Sloped Bank Aquatic Plantings

The team at Triangle Pond Management are experts in the establishment of aquatic plant species. In fact, we specialize in the installation of aquatic plantings. Our aquatic planting services include planting constructed wetlands, wet pond littoral shelves, bioretention ponds, and much more.

We understand littoral shelf planting is a large upfront cost associated with SCM’s and newly installed aquatic plants need 1-3 years to become well-established. To avoid degradation of the plants, we install protective waterfowl fencing to protect your investment and remove it after the second or third year of growth.

Our littoral shelf planting services do not stop with the planting. We provide post-planting maintenance services to monitor the health and establishment of newly installed aquatic plantings. During these service visits, our team of experts will water the installed plantings as needed and control the device water level at the optimum level for establishment (if the device has a control valve).

If you are interested in learning more about our littoral shelf planting services, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our aquatic experts are standing by ready to answer your questions.

Before and After Littoral Shelf Planting