Leak Repair

Pond and Water Garden Leak Repair

Do you suspect that your pond or water garden may be leaking water? Our professional water garden technicians can diagnose and repair common issues that cause leaks in water features.

Common Pond and Water Garden Leak Issues Include:

Water Garden

  • Compromises in bottom liners – The liner of your pond can become compromised from falling limbs, rocks, and even predatory birds such as herons. If you are experiencing a leak because of a compromised pond liner we can install a professional patch to remediate the leak.
  • Low edges in waterfalls and streamsSometimes a low edge may develop around the perimeter of your pond due to settling or poor installation of the pond liner. The low edge, if left unrepaired, can lead to your pond losing water. In most cases, our technicians can repair a low edge quickly by redoing the edge work of your pond.
  • Compromises in plumbingSometimes the seals around plumbing or the pipes themselves become compromised due to poor installation or normal wear and tear.  Our technicians can repair or replace plumbing to resolve these problems.

No matter what the source of your pond and water garden leak repair, contact us today to schedule an estimate. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience required to restore the tranquility of your oasis.