Waterfowl Management

Waterfowl Management

Waterfowl hunting is one of the most exciting hunting experiences out there. Many landowners simply don’t have areas to hold waterfowl (rivers, ponds, lakes, or impoundments), or the areas they do have are poorly managed and have very little waterfowl activity. We can help.

Our waterfowl management team is comprised of Fisheries and Wildlife Management graduates from NC State University who are also lifetime hunters and fishermen. Many of us own properties along the Atlantic Flyway. We combine both the knowledge and experience gained in the academic classroom with the knowledge and real-world applications of these ideas in the field. We can customize our solutions to fit your needs, property, and budget.

We specialize in aquatic plantings complementing waterfowl management. This includes the installation/maintenance of perennial aquatic plants that waterfowl love to use. These will reestablish year after year and if maintained properly can be very cost-effective (rather than planting year after year EX: corn).

Our Waterfowl Management Services Include:

  • Impoundment construction (1/2-acre and up)
  • Impoundment management (mowing of dikes and levees, general management)
  • Wetland and aquatic plant supply and installation including perennials
  • Government agency experience (finding possible funding options from government agencies and ensuring criteria are met)
  • Building and installation of duck blinds and wood duck boxes
  • Thinning/opening up of heavy, dense swamps
  • Seed supplies for Japanese millet, rice, dwarf corn, wild rice

If you are interested in learning more about our waterfowl management services, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Or, stop by our retail store to pick up seeds, duck boxes, and much more. Our experts are standing by ready to help!