Nuisance Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal Services

At Triangle Pond Management, we know how frustrating it can be to see your beautifully maintained pond suffer from erosion and other structural damage from muskrats, otters, beavers, and geese. That is why we are proud to offer nuisance wildlife control services as part of our lake and pond maintenance services.

Muskrats, Otters, and Beavers
Muskrats, otters, and beavers dig holes in side slopes that cause erosion, structural damage, and structural embankment issues. Beavers pack mud and sticks to create dams that stop water from flowing. Furthermore, if a creek feeds into the pond, the water can back up into the creek. Beavers also like to pack mud around risers, vertical structures that control the water level in ponds. An entire pond can overflow if the riser is packed with sticks and mud.

The first step for dealing with these nuisance animals is removing the animals from the pond by way of underwater traps. The second step is repairing the damage they caused. If you suspect you have muskrats, otters, or beavers in your pond, contact us today before the damage increases.

Geese travel in flocks, so where there is one, there are usually quite a few more. The first problem with having geese on your property is their waste. No one wants geese waste all over their property! The second problem with having geese on your property is erosion caused by going up and down banks and embankments. The third and most costly problem is turf damage on the shoreline from geese eating grass and young plants.

Proactively deterring unwanted waterfowl from using your property is always the best approach to avoid costly repair bills, especially if you have a newly installed aquatic shelf with young plantings. We have seen developers or HOAs spend thousands of dollars on newly installed aquatic plantings only to have geese eat them all in a single day. In these extreme cases, erosion issues need to be stabilized and/or new plants installed.

Ways We Deter Unwanted Waterfowl From Ponds

  • Waterfowl Fencing – Waterfowl fencing is a great way to protect your investment (young plants) for minimal cost. In fact, we recommend temporary waterfowl fencing to all of our littoral shelf planting clients.
  • Spray on substance – We place a bad-tasting substance on the grass. It is not harmful to the grass, but it tastes bad to the geese so they won’t want to eat it.
  • Goose lighting – We set goose lighting up in the pond to deter geese from visiting the pond at night.
    Predator decoys- We typically install fake coyotes to trick the geese into believing there is a predator nearby.

Whether you are having trouble with muskrats, otters, beavers, or geese, our experienced lake and pond professionals are ready to remove the nuisance wildlife and repair any damage they may have caused. Contact us today to schedule our nuisance wildlife removal service for your lake or pond!