Routine Maintenance Contracts

Lake and Pond Maintenance

Our lake and pond maintenance team is made up of five biologists with decades of experience. After interviewing our clients, we perform a thorough analysis of their pond or lake and its surrounding area. Next, we develop a customized lake and pond maintenance plan specific to their needs and wants. After each maintenance visit, we produce a detailed report to keep clients up to date with the chosen services provided.

Our routine maintenance contracts provide peace of mind for our clients by preventing expensive repairs and rehabilitation from occurring. In addition to the customized services, we proudly offer the following services as part of our routine maintenance contract.

Our Lake and Pond Maintenance Contracts Include:

  • Inspection and observation
  • Removal of trash
  • Removal of debris
  • Riprap treatment
  • Nuisance Vegetation Control
  • Treatment of algae
  • Promotion of beneficial vegetation
  • Colorant
  • Water quality testing
  • Minor repositioning of riprap
  • Exercising of drain valve
  • Fountain/Aerator maintenance
  • Riser and trash rack maintenance
  • Beneficial bacteria program

Our lake and pond maintenance team knows exactly what it takes to keep lakes and ponds in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding cities healthy, looking great and functioning properly. If you or anyone you know would like to avoid costly repairs and rehabilitation down the road, contact us today to schedule a consultation.