Clay Liner Installation Project to Prevent Pond From Losing Water Through the Ground

Do you have an issue with your retention pond not holding a permanent pool as designed? Do you suspect a leak? This wet pond in Raleigh, NC was losing water through the ground due to poor compaction and unsuitable soils for construction. This issue can be common depending on where construction takes place. When you run into this issue you can install a rubber liner or install a clay liner. For this project, we installed a clay liner for our client. Read on to learn more.

To prepare the site for the installation of the new clay material we first scraped away the old unusable material from the pond bottom. This material was hauled away. Then new screened clay fill material was delivered to the site and compacted across the bottom to the designed engineered specifications. Once proper compaction was reached stormwater can no longer leave the pond through the ground. Water now exits the system through the outlet system as designed.

If you have an issue with your Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) not holding a permanent pool, contact us today. Our experienced team can assist by providing a long-lasting repair solution to keep your device in compliance and functioning as it was designed.

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