Land and Wildlife Consulting Service NC, SC, and VA

Whether you have an existing property or have recently purchased a new property, Triangle Pond Management’s land and wildlife consulting service can help you create the property of your dreams through a comprehensive wildlife management plan. Our trained biologists have years of experience helping landowners create a property that produces abundant fish and game through proper land management techniques. We’re hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen with the practical and educational experience to take your property to the next level.

Our Land and Wildlife Consulting Services Include:

  • Waterfowl Management – Whether you’re looking to improve already existing bodies of water or build a waterfowl impoundment, we can help. We’ll help you increase the number of waterfowl on your property through impoundment construction and management, aquatic and wetland plant and seed supplies, building duck blinds, and thinning of swaps.
  • Food Plots for Deer, Dove, and Turkey – Need help clearing land for food plots or picking the right mix of crops to attract game? We’re here to help. We use science to make determinations on what will work best on your property and can create a custom plan to custom plan to increase the wildlife on your property. Our recommendations are based on soil testing, planting, and maintaining those food plots year-round.
  • Fisheries Management and Fish Stocking – Want to catch bigger fish, build a pond, or improve the water quality of an existing pond or lake? We can help improve your fishing experience using science and proven methodologies. Whether it’s developing a pond profile, testing water quality or fish densities, or even stocking game fish and feeder fish; we can help. There’s nothing like catching a trophy bass of your own property, let us help get you there.
  • Comprehensive Wildlife Management and Planning – Some property owners need help with all aspects of their land and we can help. We can put together a comprehensive plan for your property for fishing, waterfowl, deer, dove, and turkey that will make your property the kind of place you’ve always dreamed about.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how our land and wildlife consulting service can help you create a wildlife magnet for years of enjoyment for you, your family, and friends.